goodbye 2012

In preparation for launching full speed into the new year I'm making, Tom, the turkey.  My first turkey. I don't like animal carcasses.  They make me feel bad and remind me why I was a vegetarian for so long.  BUT!  One of my resolutions- facing and hopefully conquering my fears- includes Tom.  Yes, bigger cooking projects scare me a bit so here we go!

I have, as usual, made approximately 50 New Year's resolutions and plan on keeping all of them.  I should probably add "set more realistic, attainable" goals to the list, but what's the fun in that?

This year, like all years had its high and low points.  Events have without question made me a stronger person and I'm feeling very grateful.  I always believe that everything happens how it supposed to (not in a predetermined way- more like a choose your own adventure, karmic way) and that has never steered me wrong.

2013 will be filled with lots of hard work, more calculated decisions (one of my resolutions), spontaneous adventures with friends, music making, patience, and love.

I'm starting the new year off right with a possible viola purchase and a visit to WI with Jenna to visit my mom.

Happy new year, everyone!




I totally forgot to write about this, but I have a new (old) job!  I'm working at Club Monaco again and am so glad to be back.  Anthropologie turned out to be not such a good fit for me.  Since I've been back, I started working at the SoHo location and was recently moved/promoted to the Columbus Ave store.  It's a really great place for me and will definitely help me have more exposure with corporate members.  The commute is longer than I'd like, but I'm getting a lot of reading done so I'm not complaining.

Hurricane Sandy happened.  All of the stores were closed for 2 days (the downtown stores were closed longer because they didn't have power until the end of the week) and I was really happy because the impromptu time off coincided with my annual fall-to-winter-transition sickness.  I definitely needed the extra time to rest and felt much better when I went back to work.  Aaron, Dan, and I spent some quality time hanging out and I got to crush them at Scrabble which was loads of fun.

Also, Dan and I went to Montreal shortly after the hurricane which was a nice little get away.  Dan gave me the trip for my birthday which was super sweet.  It's only 6 hours away so we opted to drive instead of fly.  I was paranoid before we left because of the major gas shortage but it all worked out well.  We stayed in this super swanky hotel in the middle of downtown so we were able to walk everywhere which was very convenient.  We saw Old Montreal, the Quebec Club Monaco (my request of course), the Notre Dame Basilica, went to a Scandinavian relaxation bath house, and did a ton of walking around.  I'd love to go back because there were a lot of things that we didn't have time to do.

In other news, I'm doing a ton of playing right now (probably too much as usual) and am feeling very run down.  I say this to myself all the time, but I'm going to try to slow down once I get through all the concerts I'm doing right now.  Last year this lead to me getting shingles which was no fun at all.  Maybe pacing myself will be my new year's resolution.  I am actually really excited that I was asked to play a viola solo in a concert in May so I've been thinking about cutting back after December is over and just focusing on that for the spring time.  We shall see.  


2012 book goal thoughts

At the beginning of this year I decided that I did not read enough last year.  I have a tendency to get stuck if I don't like what I'm reading, aka I hated "Confederacy of Dunces" so I read about 1 chapter every 2 weeks.  It was torture!  Ignatius Reilly I hate you.

In reaction to this stuckness, I decided to give myself a goal of reading 15 books in 2012 which seemed completely attainable.   The many lovely suggestions from friends paired with my current hour+ commute to Rock Center gave me high hopes of finishing within my given time frame.

Earlier this week I finished my 15th book, and I still have 4 months left to go!!!  Goal #1, check.

MK's Reading List 2012

1. Wind Up Bird Chronicles- H. Murakami
2. Little women- L.M. Alcott 
3. Norwegian wood- H. Murakami
4. After the Quake- H. Murakami
5. After Dark- H. Murakami
6. A Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao- J. Diaz
7.  The Broom of the System- D.F. Wallace
8.  Identical Strangers- E. Schein & P. Bernstein
9. The Art of Eating In- C. Erway
10.  Blindness- J. Saramago
11.  A Wild Sheep Chase- H. Murakami
12.  Room- E. Donoghue
13.  Wild- C. Strayed 
14.  1Q84- H. Murakami
15.  Lolita- V. Nabokov

If you noticed, I decided that I love Murakami.  His surrealist world and well-developed characters makes for a very compelling tale.  Go read "Wind Up Bird Chronicles" right now!


good ju-ju

I've always thought that I have fantastic karma.  My religion of being a good person always wins out and things work out for me.  Always.  Even when things are going completely "wrong" in my life, I find solace in my belief that everything happens for a reason whether I realize that reason in the moment or not.  The universe is always trying to tell you something so you just have to listen and enjoy things along the way.

Everything is once again working in my favour.

I just got back from a chamber music workshop in Lake Placid that I was invited to.  It was just what I needed- classical music inundation and a little time away from the city.  The town of Lake Placid is quaint, and lovely and has some fantastic restaurants.  I haven't played in a chamber ensemble since I left school so I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to play/read chamber music all week.  In addition, I met some great people whose love of music was very inspiring to me.  

There's one more thing that has fallen into place in my life but I will give you a more detailed update in the next few days.  :)


settling in

 My new, semi-finished room!


And I also got to have dinner the other day with these beauties!


kitty adjusted

I am finally all moved out of my old apt and am feeling half-settled in my new place.  The thing I'm most happy about is that Sangria has totally relaxed.  She was super stressed the first day and was walking around panting.  She's now well-adjusted and loving the sink in the bathroom :)

Look at her being soooo good!

Stay tuned for some new home pics.


next chapter

I'm currently going through an extremely calm meltdown.

On Sunday, Matt broke up with me.  I was, and am, devastated.  The person who I thought was my person is not my person anymore.  Thank Jebus that my dear roommate was home to pull me out of complete darkness.  After crying for a few hours I moved on to the angry stage where I felt very productive and desperately wanted to figure out my current, complicated living situation and move on with my life.

So, that same day I went to look at an apartment in Brooklyn (5 stops further on the same train) with Sean.  Upon entering the apt I wasn't super amazed since my current apartment is much more put together.  However, when I went into the bedroom I felt a certain sense of calm.  The room will fit my things perfectly and there's a CLOSET!!!!  For those who don't know, this is a functional, usually enclosed area where one stores their belongings such as clothing.  I haven't had a closet for the last 2 years and I can't wait to have one again.  The room has a huge front window which is super sunny which is great and it's on the FIRST FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No more 6th floor walk up!  Yippee!  I really don't want to move but once it happens I think I'll feel better about everything.  Plus, my future roommates are super sweet.  I hugged them after I looked at the place and told them that Sangria and I wanted to live there for sure.  Countdown.  12 days.

As sad as I am, I have always been a firm believer in things happening for a reason.  Matt and I aren't meant to be right now and in my heart I know that.  Matt and I have been dating on and off/good friends for 10 years.  That's not something that I would ever throw away.  No matter what, Matt and I will always be friends and I am comforted knowing that.    


facebook photo nostalgia

I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has gone back and looked at FB photos from 5+ years ago.  I did that tonight and got all smooshy and weepy inside.

Taking a jaunt down facebook memory lane reminded me of some great, impactful experiences and wonderful people.

The summer of 2006 was one of the best times of my life.  

In 2007 I was in a band!!!

moved to Canada,

and had the last Christmas with my dad,

... AND also started dating MattE again!! (2008 was a big year for me)

In 2009 I gave my first masters recital,

had so much fun with some amazing Canadian people,

and went to Colorado for the first time and cried when I had to leave,

In 2010 I took a ton of trips to NYC,

and had a fun/sad going away party when I left Canada and moved to NYC.

There are so many more things that I remembered as I looked through photos but there isn't good FB photo evidence to share with you all.  

All of the things after 2010 don't make me feel all that nostalgic since they're too recent.  Give me another year or two and I'm sure that I'll be blubbering about when I moved to NYC and when I decided to leave Club Monaco, etc.  

Damn you, facebook timeline!!!


silver beach

I love roofs!!!!!

In Manhattan, you only have roof access if you're super rich and living in a penthouse.  In Brooklyn?  Roof access is expected.  Since our apartment is on the 6th floor, it's just 17 quick steps away from the silver beach.

Plan this year:  GET.  A.  GRILL.

MattE and I had some wine and snacks yesterday.  :)

Even Sangria got to go up to the silver beach!  


the pros of being sick

Being sick has tuned out to be not completely awful! My shingles haven't been bad compared to some horror stories I read about. I think my quick thinking to go to to the doctor (matt telling me to go) right away was key.

- Working from home is amazing! I got frustrated at times because I didn't have all my resources but overall, my new dream is to work at home 50%.
- I got to spend lots and lots of time with Sangria!
- Avoided spending $10+ on lunch
- I got to hang out in my pajamas all day (for those who don't know, I hate getting ready for the day and will wait as long as possible.  Even if I'm not leaving until the 6pm, I won't shower until an hour before I have to leave.  Note:  This is why my hair is always wet)
- I have earned so many Viggle points- yay free Starbucks coffee!


i am a 60+ yr old woman

I know that I am kind of an old lady.  I like old lady things:  tea, (many) cats, crafting, bingo, etc.  I however am not an old lady.  I am 27.  TWENTY-SEVEN!!!!

Why am I ranting about this you ask?  Because I developed a rash on my shoulder the other day.  TMI?  probably.  I went to the doctor and he informed me that I have shingles!!!!!  Really, only people +60 get this.  There is a shingles vaccine for people over +60 which clearly, I should've gotten earlier this year.

For all of those who are not familiar with shingles, it is the chicken pox virus which plays possum in your body and then strikes when you're most vulnerable.  It can be extremely painful (Matt and I read an article comparing shingles pain to child birth.  Yikes!) and can have some very terrifying side affects such as blindness.  Thus far I'm not very bad at all.  I feel overall uncomfortable, achy, and itchy.  I was told to stay away from people who haven't had the chicken pox because I could actually give  them pox!!!  Insane!  So, I'm working from home for the rest of the week.  It's making me a little anxious but I'm trying to relax.

I apparently got this from stress.  I guess I have lots of stress even though I don't feel stressed.  Although, I should know better because this always happens to me.  ALWAYS.  The moment I start doing too many things and not getting enough sleep my body revolts, but it's never been this bad before.

This is clearly a sign that I need a better work/music/life balance.  I have to be better about going to bed at a reasonable hour to get 8 hours of sleep.  This is difficult since at times since my schedule is so wonky.  For example, sometimes I have to get up to go to work at 5am meaning that I have to go to bed between 9-10.  I can't even think of the last time I went to bed that early.  (ie.  I'm writing this at 215am)  Other times I work at 4pm and I don't even get home until 230am.


I guess I'll go lay down now.

Send some good (pain free) thoughts my way, please!  I need them.


nature withdrawal

Matt and I decided early last month that we wanted to see nature and where do they have the best nature?

Colorado, of course! I love Colorado.  I've posted about this before, but seriously. I LOVE COLORADO!!!  The non-pee smelling air, the sunniness, the mountains!!!!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

It was super fun to go out for a few days, hike in the Rockies, and visit some friends who Matt grew up with.  We stayed with our good friend, Ginny (and her amazingly adorable pup, Bear), whose beautiful and spacious apartment made Matt and I immediately loathe coming back to our tiny Brooklyn residence.  Damn you pre-war, closetless, counterless apt!!!

But, I was excited to come back to see Sangria who is, of course, the love of my life.


treat yo' self!

I had some money left over from my budget after the end of last week. Yippeeee! I was super excited and was able to get a little gift for myself for being so good :)

Matt and I are going to Colorado Sunday morning for a few days.  I can't wait to get out of the city and hike, breathe the fresh air, and hang out with some super wonderful friends.


isabel marant willow sneakers

I need these shoes.  I WILL DIE IF I DON'T GET THESE SHOES!!!!  Ok... maybe a tad bit over dramatic, but I really do want these shoes and they are sold out everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!!!


anthro love and bf amazingness

Right now at Anthro we have so many ikat print/southwest inspired pattern everything and I am dying that I am on my debt diet and can't purchase anything!

I especially love, love, LOVE this bedding.  After work on Friday I carried the duvet around with me for a good 15 minutes and even got to the counter before feeling guilty about wanting to buy something.  I put it back even through 95% of my coworkers told me to get it.  I told myself that I'd ask Matt his opinion since it's something that we'd both be using.

He doesn't like it.  I know it.  He said "um...it's ok..." and then added, "if you like it then we can get it.  whatever you want."  I'm the luckiest girl.  And I was reminded that I shouldn't buy the expensive beautiful bedding that I so desperately want because I'm saving for my future which includes my life with Matt.



I feel like one of my best qualities is my spontaneity.  This has lead to such things as me getting my first tattoo, Matt and I getting back together, and discovering parts of the city that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten to see.

One of my not so appealing qualities is my indecisiveness. This, combined with spontaneity, can sometimes always cause a hurricane of internal struggle which can make for a very annoying me.

Yesterday I realized that I could go to the beach day cleanup my work was organizing after seeing that I did not in fact have to work.  (I am very, very bad with knowing my schedule)  I told my boss that I wanted to go and was super excited!  I then remembered that Matt and I were supposed to have a meeting with someone and I had no idea what time and if it was confirmed.  I then let her know that I didn't think I could go because of said reason.  At 10pm last night I decided that I should go because my scheduling conflict was still questionable and I wanted to go clean a beach!  At 6am, my indecisiveness reared its ugly head I opted out of going after all.  Far away + rain + the idea of snuggling with Matt in a warm bed for a few hours more won out.

The weatherman actually lied and it was a beautiful day out and I'm now wishing that I could've gone.  Rage.

All in all, I think that today's extra sleep and couch-laying-on was much needed to recover from my tiring week at work.  Note:  I am still in my pajamas and I don't plan on changing any time soon.  I turned my phone ringer off and have been ignoring the world to surf the internet and catch up on things that I've missed.  I love days off.



I've been freaking out about money the last couple of weeks. I reevaluated my finances and I'm on a very strict budget from now on. Debt diet. If anyone sees me buying anything besides food, I give you full permission to smack me.

On a happier note, things in my all over life are really great. I've been thinking about taking violin lessons for awhile and I finally took a leap. I started taking violin lessons this week and am super pumped to improve my playing and learn some new pieces.

Matt is the most wonderful, supportive person in my life and I feel so lucky every day.

Work at Anthro is incredible! I'm officially at Rock Center for good now and am really focusing on learning as much as possible and being really solid in my dept role. We had an event today for earth day and it was super fun! There was a touch tank (I learned that sea urchins are spiky and sea cucumbers are squishy) , tons of ocean inspired treats, and a crafting station to make sea urchins and crochet coral reef. I'm so glad that I work for such an inspirational company and am surrounded by such inspiring and creative people every day! Sangria loved the sea urchin I made as well :)


job update and new toy!

Things are going very well at the new job! Since my last post, I was supposed to train at Rockefeller Center for one week. After being there for three days, the general manager asked me to stay on at Rock Center for the next six weeks to help out. Rock Center is the main focus store for the whole company so I'm really pumped that they want me to work at their location! I'll be working in the intimates and accessories department which is really great since its the department I'm working in at SoHo. When I go back to my normal store, I will be able to come in full speed ahead and be as helpful as possible.

Also last week I got my iPad 3! I'm actually dictating this blog as you read! There are definitely differences to get used to such as typing on the keyboard without feeling any buttons. However, using the dictation function is really fun! I'm actually dictating this whole blog post. I didn't know if it was going to work because I think Siri on the iPhone has some major confusion but this is working very well!

Happy spring time to everyone!


a brief hiatus

So, I stopped writing for awhile. I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to write about, but I'm going to try to write one post a week. I think that is definitely doable.

Since my last post I have done many things, the biggest being quitting Club Monaco and starting at Anthropologie. This week was my first week at my new location and it went very well. I did a lot of training just getting to know the store and it's inner workings and I think it's going to be a good fit for me. I really get along with my direct supervisor and am completely inspired by the SM. Everyone has the kind of work ethic and good spirit that I've been looking for and going to work has been very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to two weeks from now (2 more weeks of training- 1 at my store and 1 at a different location) when I get to really dig into my role as I&A (intimates and accessories) Supervisor and start things like merchandising, monitoring stock levels, etc.

On my last day at CM, my wonderful, amazing staff got me some gifts and a cake and took me out to dinner. I was a mess and cried several times from being so overwhelmed with love! My new staff is much larger but I hope that I have the opportunity to get to know everyone as well as I knew my old team. We were a real family.