good ju-ju

I've always thought that I have fantastic karma.  My religion of being a good person always wins out and things work out for me.  Always.  Even when things are going completely "wrong" in my life, I find solace in my belief that everything happens for a reason whether I realize that reason in the moment or not.  The universe is always trying to tell you something so you just have to listen and enjoy things along the way.

Everything is once again working in my favour.

I just got back from a chamber music workshop in Lake Placid that I was invited to.  It was just what I needed- classical music inundation and a little time away from the city.  The town of Lake Placid is quaint, and lovely and has some fantastic restaurants.  I haven't played in a chamber ensemble since I left school so I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to play/read chamber music all week.  In addition, I met some great people whose love of music was very inspiring to me.  

There's one more thing that has fallen into place in my life but I will give you a more detailed update in the next few days.  :)