i bought sangria a harness and started taking her outside for walks. she's doesn't love the harness and lays down every few steps she takes. and i don't think she likes grass. but, overall, i like it! :) i'm hoping that she starts to realize that harness means outside and she'll stop biting me when i put it on her.


summer resolution

i just got home from the cabin and a fun-filled trip to minneapolis to visit some of my favorite people on earth! i love the cabin. and i love minnesota. i love minnesota so much that i'm contemplating moving there after grad school. the thought of being in the cities and hanging out with people i love and going to concerts and living in the states is quite appealing.

amunkey with a monkey :)

me and kyle at the zoo in mn. really excited!

i've decided to make a school-break resolution and try to do as much this summer as i can. i had so much fun in minneapolis and i realized that i don't do very much when i'm just at home in wisconsin or when i'm at school, either. but i should. my mom and i are going to go back up to the cabin for the middle of june. i love it there. it's so nice and peaceful. it gives me lots of practicing time. when we go back up i'm going to see if there are some interesting things in rhinelander (to be determined). and then off to a summer program in july. hope everyone's summer is treating them well! :)


home sweet home

I love being home! It's so nice... like summer camp! I wake up, do what I want, practice, eat, do more of what I want, practice, eat again, and the cycle continues. This summer is going to be great! And it's also going to fly by.

The other day I went to Oshkosh to visit some of my very good friends and surprise my friend Jenn at her wedding. Yay! I love surprises :)

I have some more fun trips planned. Tomorrow I am going up north to my cabin for a few days, and then off to visit some wonderful Minneapolis residents for the weekend, and then back to the cabin for the rest of the week. Have I mentioned that I love summer?

In other news, my new violin has officially been named- Anton.


new violin!!!!!

NEW VIOLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited! i'm also sad at the same time because i've had my old violin for what seems like forever. it's so lovely. i don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, so there is no name. the sound is so beautiful, i'm really looking forward to playing (once i get over this stupid cold). today, i went to a furniture place and got some furniture upholstery to make new shoulder rests. yay! :) tomorrow is the start to my new violin regime. wish me luck!


glimpse into my future

i am going to be an overprotective mother. i had to take my cat, sangria, into the vet to get new traveling documents and have a checkup. i had to leave her there overnight, which i've never had to do before, and i was so worried. i called the vet before the office closed to see if they were done so i could pick her up... they weren't. i called the next morning earlier than i was supposed to. overprotective mother.


new (temporary) location

i moved out of my townhouse the other day and am staying with my lovely friend catherine for the rest of my time in london, ontario. i am here for longer than planned because i'm playing in a musical, into the woods. my part is a bit boring, but it's so much fun! when i was asked originally i didn't want to play in it, but i really miss doing things like musicals. it's a nice change from symphonies and only classical works.

i love summer. today i was thinking about how much i have loved school forever, and i don't know why. the parts of school that i love are performances and lessons. i don't want to take any more classes that don't have to do with playing my instrument. right now i'm spending my days doing what i want. it's so great, and i realize that if i wasn't in school anymore, my life would be like this (except that i'd have to get a job). maybe after i finish this degree, i'll take a break from school.