Done Done andddd Done!

I was back in London Ontario for the end of October and entire 1st week in November preparing for my final recital. It was so odd being back as a music student. Daily rehearsals, lessons, practicing hours a day, going for coffee runs with friends... What a great life. Becoming a real person with a real job is difficult. I felt strangely all week and then fairly relaxed in my new routine and then I had to leave for home.

My recital went really well. I'm just so relieved that it's done. A few stressful things occurred while I was there like an impending faculty strike/campus shutdown. But, everything turned out well. I felt fairly at home on stage which is actually odd for me. I played my Bach with minor bumps and bruises and my contemporary piece was actually the best I think I've ever played it. The Brahms was a challenge for me all week because I am no longer used to playing out in my tiny apartment. I am also not used to playing with anyone else so my first rehearsal with Tim, my pianist, was exceptionally ear opening for me.

All in all, I'm really glad that I finished this all up and pushed myself through all of the pain. It helps that I had some amazing supporters. I miss all of my Canadian friends! It was great to have a much needed reunion.

Now back in New York, I still feel a bit unsettled. I decided to give myself a week off to rest and recoup. Next week, back to the grind. I have some upcoming auditions that I'm going to start prepping for.

Also, awhile back Matt and I attended Paul and Abby's wedding. My friend Cassie did all the photography. Look at this lovely picture that she took at the reception!

Go look at her truly inspirational blog: