ever since i've had to deal with arm problems (starting in october 2003), i've realized that exercise is one of my top priorities. my goal is pretty much to be the strongest woman in the world. i've been doing yoga here every morning and walking a lot. i think that i'm in the best shape that i've ever been in. i hiked estes cone today with 2 friends. it was so amazing. again, the torture of climbing straight up and lack of oxygen was well worth the view from the top.

ps. did i mention that i heart colorado?


I love CO.

colorado is beautiful. i'm really glad that i am here for 5 weeks. this past monday i did my first hike here and it was absolutely gorgeous. a few of us went up to sky pond which meant that we had to do some difficult uphill hiking and also some rock climbing. we climbed up next to a waterfall and were exhausted by the time we got to the top... totally worth it. most beautiful place.

it's so strange, being out here. i never want to go home. i just want to practice and go hiking.

i have been taking viola lessons. i love the viola professor here. a lot. i've learned so much in just 2 lessons with him... possibly more important, fundamental things than i've learned from anyone else. i want him to teach me. violin. and viola.

last night i went to see the new harry potter movie at midnight. so. fantastic. i practiced while waiting at the theatre. i've realized that i can bring my violin and practice anywhere and noone really cares or bothers me. it's quite lovely.


freedom day.

i'm in estes park, colorado. things are good thus far. above is the cabin i'm staying in. i've had a couple of lessons, done some performing, and gone up to look at some mountains. i'm sitting concertmaster of the orchestra which is good and i've met some lovely, extremely talented people.

today was weird just because i didn't get to use any sparklers- my normal 4th of july tradition. but, i did get to go up in a tram to the top of a mountain. :)