the pros of being sick

Being sick has tuned out to be not completely awful! My shingles haven't been bad compared to some horror stories I read about. I think my quick thinking to go to to the doctor (matt telling me to go) right away was key.

- Working from home is amazing! I got frustrated at times because I didn't have all my resources but overall, my new dream is to work at home 50%.
- I got to spend lots and lots of time with Sangria!
- Avoided spending $10+ on lunch
- I got to hang out in my pajamas all day (for those who don't know, I hate getting ready for the day and will wait as long as possible.  Even if I'm not leaving until the 6pm, I won't shower until an hour before I have to leave.  Note:  This is why my hair is always wet)
- I have earned so many Viggle points- yay free Starbucks coffee!

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