I miss nature.

As much as I like New York, one of my new favorite things is trying to leave it. The other day, I went hiking and cliff diving with some friends at a State Park in New Jersey. So. Much. Fun. I've never jumped off of a cliff so it was an experience. MattE held my hand through the whole thing.

I also realized today that New Yorkers are not all that different from herd animals being corralled from one pen to another. I am starting to tire of all the walking. I used to love walking everywhere but the reality of it has set in and now when I get to my destination, I sit down and slump over in exhaustion.

I am ready to go to WI. 5 days.




Earlier this week I had an interview to move on from POS supervisor to manager in training. The interview went really well and I was told that I got the job but I'd have to wait to see what store I'd be transferring to. Today, my boss told me that I'm actually going to be skipping MIT and going straight to assistant manager. Yay!!! That means way more money than I'm getting now and fun things like paid time off, personal days, etc. I start that title officially this coming week and begin doing training for it at my store. I don't know exactly which store I'm going to be moved to but I'm really sad about leaving the people I work with. I really look forward to going to work because I love seeing everyone every day. Rick ensures me that I'll still see and talk with people so I'll just have to make sure it happens on my days off.




as of late.

Matt, Sean, and I decided to hold off on the apartment hunt for the time being. Since their lease ends after mine, I'm going to move into their apartment for the month of August. It's going to be a challenge because there isn't very much space, but I'm really excited! 16 days!

I've been doing some of other fun things lately. My coworker, Rick, invited me to hang out with him and his bf for the 4th at one of the Piers. Since the road next to the water was blocked off, someone had to show a badge to let us through the police barricades. Very VIP. It was incredible because we got to watch the fireworks on the water in front of the Macy's barges. Aren't Rick and Andrew so adorable? Yes. They are.

Some bad news is that I am probably going to have to get rid of Rory. She is getting older and just had to get some parts replaced this week. I don't really need her in NYC often and coordinating her parking schedule is kind of a hassle. I've had her for such a long time that I feel really sad like I'm selling a part of my family.

(Why do I become so attached to inanimate objects? Maybe I'll stop anthropomorphizing everything so I won't become so attached.)

ALSO! I have some extremely exciting news to share later this weekend!!!


NYC transition #2

I have to decide in the near future whether I'm going to move out of my apartment at the end of the month or stay here for another two months. My big news... Matt asked me to move in with him and Sean! :) I'm so excited.

Although there are a lot of things that still need to be worked out, I started looking at apartments this week to see what's out there. I looked at one apartment that is absolutely gorgeous and I want to move in right now.

Isn't it lovely? Everything in it is brand new and the apt is right along riverside drive. The only problem is that it's smack dab in the middle of two subway stops which isn't all that convenient.

Hope all is well with everyone! xoxox