done done done done done done done done done...

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm done with the first year of my masters degree. i emailed my paper to my professor tonight. a huge weight is lifted from my shoulders.

i wrote my paper about gilles apap. if you don't know who he is, look at this...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmjGDBWZZFw it's amazing.

i'm excited because i can start practicing violin again. that was my punishment. no violin until i stopped procrastinating and got my papers done. yay!


knitting 101

i thought i'd share my first knitting attempt with you all. it's my practice "square." i realize that it's a rectangle, but my yarn got all tangled so i had to abort the whole square concept. i kept losing and gaining stitches, and i had to teach myself (with the help of youtube) how to cast on and off. the casting off didn't go so well...

i think i'll try again after i get my paper done. it's my last thing for the semester and then i'm done with the first year of my masters degree. it's crazy how fast this year has flown by, but i'm happy to have a bit of a break, and i'm really looking forward to seeing my mom.


decision list

1. i am going to go to rocky ridge this summer. although pretty much everyone has told me to go to banff, i've decided that the best thing for me, and my playing, is located in colorado for the month of july.

2. i hate violin right now because i hate MY violin. i am going to do everything i can to get a new one by july.

3. i realized that one reason why i've been hating my instrument is because i've been playing too much viola. i love viola, bu it's affecting my intonation too much. next year, no viola in chamber orchestra or chamber ensembles. only orchestra. i am not budging on this decision.

4. bread and dairy make me sick. i am going to try to refrain from ingesting either of these things.

good day :)


long time, no post.

lately, i find myself having to make all sorts of decisions. i don't really know how to decide what to do. i stand at the juncture and just stare. and wait... for what, i have no idea. a sign. or someone wise to tell me what to do.

example #1:

i got into the banff masterclass program. yay!!! & boooo!!! my professor doesn't want me to go. she wants me to go to her summer program. not a bad option either. there has been much debate and drama over this whole "issue." i will spend part of tomorrow making a pro/con list.

example #2:

i was asked to play viola in a musical, "into the woods." it's not a ton of money, but it's an extra paycheck than i would otherwise not have, and it sounds like fun. if i do this, i'll have to stay in london for an extra 2 weeks, which means that i'd have to move out of my apartment to a different place, which is a pain in itself. and i will miss one concert at home that i really wanted to see. thoughts, anyone?

on a happier note, jenny, chri, and i dyed easter eggs today. lots of fun! i can't remember the last time i did anything easter related except eat a big meal.

hope everyone had a good easter!