anthro love and bf amazingness

Right now at Anthro we have so many ikat print/southwest inspired pattern everything and I am dying that I am on my debt diet and can't purchase anything!

I especially love, love, LOVE this bedding.  After work on Friday I carried the duvet around with me for a good 15 minutes and even got to the counter before feeling guilty about wanting to buy something.  I put it back even through 95% of my coworkers told me to get it.  I told myself that I'd ask Matt his opinion since it's something that we'd both be using.

He doesn't like it.  I know it.  He said "um...it's ok..." and then added, "if you like it then we can get it.  whatever you want."  I'm the luckiest girl.  And I was reminded that I shouldn't buy the expensive beautiful bedding that I so desperately want because I'm saving for my future which includes my life with Matt.

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CassieMarie said...

You could also just buy the pillow covers. :) I have a grey comforter from Target and I just put different pillows and blankets on our bed to switch up the look. :)