commence countdowns.

so, it's been awhile since my last post... i really don't know why either...

since then, i went to new york city to visit matt. he just moved there and is getting used to hectic city life. it's definitely a different environment and atmosphere than i'm used to, but i was quite happy to see him. we did lots of fun things like go to the met to see barber of seville,

and went to brooklyn to visit jenna and see her place. :)

violin stuff has been going pretty well lately. i have definitely had moments of breakdown crying in the past couple of weeks where i think (and complain to matt), "what am i doing with my life!?" however, despite all of that, i've settled into a good place. i feel very motivated and want to get things done... and done well.

right now there are two countdowns going on:

1. matt visits in 14 days! i'm so excited. you have no idea.

2. grad audition pre-screened recordings due in 39 days.