beauty salon magic.

thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, i just went and got a haircut and pedicure. as i was sitting in the pedicure chair, relaxing and looking around, i decided that beauty salons are the most magical places. no one is mad or crabby at a salon. it's just not why women (and men) go there. one goes to a salon to un-crabby themselves. i am rarely willing to spend money on things like pedicures because rational thoughts such as, "$30 would also pay for my hydro and part of the internet for the month," start entering my brain. but, as i sat in the chair getting a back massage and observing all of the women giggling and gossiping with eachother, i remembered one of my life mantras that i seemed to have forgotten recently:

do what makes you happy.

...and besides... everyone deserves a treat once in awhile.


look what fun!

i went to the library with my mom this morning and was delighted to see that the children's section is decorated with rows of colorful oragami cranes. it makes the library very cheery. :)



next next year.

i have been thinking a lot about what i want to do with my life after i get done with my masters and i've decided some things:

1. i want to do more school. so, this january time, i'm going to do more auditions for programs like artist certificates and performance diplomas.

2. i also am going to do auditions for jobs in case i don't get into any programs.

3. i am going to try to take as many lessons as i can this coming fall.

now that i've made a decision, time to get to work.

in other news, i just called to set up the internet at my new home in canada. i am really ready to be back at school in the middle of everything. i'm excited because i scheduled my lessons for the whole semester and it looks as though i'll have 4-day weekends every week so i can have more time to do what i want. :)


getting antsy.

i really want to go do stuff. i don't want to sit at home anymore. it's time...


doing well :)

for all those interested in my recent surgery, i'm doing quite well. i still have all feeling in my tongue and i haven't needed to take any of my pain pills. yay! the only bad part is that i can't really move my tongue too much because it's too swollen and if i do, i think i'll tear my stitches... gross. so, only liquid foods for me. it's fine, but i've been feeling fairly weak from lack of solid food.

for all my ontario friends, i've decided to stay in wisconsin for my birthday (aug 30) so that i can spend it with my mom and my boyfriend. i'll be back on september 1st! i'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with school. i really want to practice but my face is hurting a bit too much and i'm trying not to push it.

anyone up for having a back to school get together? :)



i'm having one of those days where there are many things "wrong," but i've decided to hone in on the positive things in my life. there are lots. and thinking about them keeps me content and thankful. i hope that everyone does this when they get crabby because it really works wonders when your mind wanders into dark places.

and listening to this always makes me happy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN7oFdFqtB4

tomorrow i have to get another gland surgery, but this one is going to be worse because i actually have to have my whole sublingual gland removed. strangely enough, this is the last thing that i can do and there's a chance that it, also, may not work. i don't really understand how it wouldn't because if you take out the whole problem, how would it return...?

i'm starting to wonder about my life after next year. it's time that i have to think about it. i put it off all last semester because i really hate to plan so far ahead. i have a few options, but i don't even know how to start approaching them. but i am thinking about them, which is more than i was doing a few days ago. and what with my mouth situation, i'll have lots of time to do research and not practice.

ps. have i mentioned that i love antonia? she's the best violin ever. ever.


in WI!!! but, i miss colorado.

I love being home in WI because I get to see my mom and my sister. AND I get to see Matt in 1 day!!! :) :) :)

However, I love colorado. And I miss it. A lot. I keep saying that all I want is to just eat, practice, and be outside... Colorado. Since I've come home I've been really lightheaded. There is so much air here and it's so humid, I feel like I'm breathing in a sponge instead of air.

While at home I get to resume some of my summertime projects such as walking Sangria. She still doesn't love being on a harness and leash, but she does like to be outside so she tolerates it.

I learned so much while I was gone. Going to Rocky Ridge was probably the best thing that I could've done for my life. (...thanks ABV) The things that I gained will help me so much for the rest of my life. AND I met lots of lovely people while I was there. Including... this guy! David Lin! My new favorite person!!! I met him before, but he's in the other violin teacher's studio at Western so I didn't get to know him this past year. We will hang out next year. I have decided.