I can't sleep. I leave for Canada in 2 hours. Since I am horrible at getting up in the morning, I woke up every hour, on the hour, checking the clock. Not getting much sleep isn't helpful when you have a 9 hour drive ahead of you. Plus, the sleep that I did get wasn't very good. I got up at 6 because I heard a noise downstairs. It was nothing. Now I'm up. And tired.

I got an email from my roommate last night telling me that our townhouse is a palace:

"The house has absolutely EVERYTHING you need... and then some more. My bed was even made with fresh linens (as was yours). It's basically set up as if she was going to live there tomorrow, we just happen to be staying there instead. There are dishes, toiletries (including toilet paper), tv's, cable, internet, everything."

I'm now rethinking my packing choices. My car is full to the brim, and I'm sitting here, wondering if I should unpack my car, and put more things into storage that I probably didn't need to take with me.

One thing I am the slightest bit concerned with is the feeling of home. I hope that I'll feel at home in a house that is new to me, plus doesn't have much of my stuff in it. I am bringing one piece of my own furniture. I sold the rest. I don't want to go there and feel like I'm in a glass house, not wanting to ruin anything.

Here we go. Pictures will come.


sangria hates me.

i am in mukwonago. i leave for ontario on sunday. i'm not ready to go.

andy told me that when you move, you're never really ready to go. i hope that that's the truth instead of something else being wrong, like, moving to ontario is the worst decision i've ever made. (not to be too dramatic)

i miss my house. and my friends. and my andy. and... have i mentioned that i'm getting quite nervous? i need to practice. i need to figure out how to use the bus. i need to figure out how to get my bus pass so that i can use the bus. i need to find a grocery store. and a bank. have i also mentioned that my ta position pays me at the end of each month? so, i'll be without money until the end of september. not nervous at all.

what i really need to do is get out of my comfort zone, put on my tough outer shell, and embrace change. ready, set, go!


Michibook MIA


I just recently got my syllabus from my future violin professor. I immediately started feeling stressed out because grad school is really going to be more work than I've ever ever ever had to do before. EVER.

" I require a written assignment on each of the pieces/composers you are studying at the moment. I will require you to have done the work BEFORE bringing the piece into the lesson..."

I've already been scheduled in a recital in October, and I have all of my auditions for the orchestra and chamber ensembles in less than 1 month...


I am officially leaving Oshkosh on August 31st. I have a giant list of things to do. GIANT

In addition to all of this, I am giving a Michigoingaway recital on August 15th in the choir room of UWO at 5pm. You could come if you'd like. There won't be any food. sorry.

Also, I washed my hair. Melissa said that I should tell everyone how I FAILED, and that I'm a FAILURE. So, there. It's now said. I didn't like how my hair was going, so I got some organic shampoo and now it smells like coconutty goodness.

Currently, I am IMpatiently waiting for my new laptop to come. It got put on a fedex truck at 800 this morning. After receiving my syllabus, I started to freak out about papers and ordered my new macbook, to be named, Michibook. Every time I hear something that sounds like a truck, I run to look out the window. Unfortunately, there are people doing construction across the street and I keep getting confused by the sounds. I WANT MY COMPUTER!!!!!

good day.