I've been freaking out about money the last couple of weeks. I reevaluated my finances and I'm on a very strict budget from now on. Debt diet. If anyone sees me buying anything besides food, I give you full permission to smack me.

On a happier note, things in my all over life are really great. I've been thinking about taking violin lessons for awhile and I finally took a leap. I started taking violin lessons this week and am super pumped to improve my playing and learn some new pieces.

Matt is the most wonderful, supportive person in my life and I feel so lucky every day.

Work at Anthro is incredible! I'm officially at Rock Center for good now and am really focusing on learning as much as possible and being really solid in my dept role. We had an event today for earth day and it was super fun! There was a touch tank (I learned that sea urchins are spiky and sea cucumbers are squishy) , tons of ocean inspired treats, and a crafting station to make sea urchins and crochet coral reef. I'm so glad that I work for such an inspirational company and am surrounded by such inspiring and creative people every day! Sangria loved the sea urchin I made as well :)

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