every day should be thanksgiving

today i woke up feeling grateful for many things:

1. my health. the last few days i've been having a hard time physically and mentally because my nerves are starting to freak out more than a little bit. last night i was a sad, crying mess because of my arms. matt helped me calm down. as i fell asleep, i remembered that there are many people who, health-wise, are much worse off than i am.

2. my boyfriend.
he helps me in so many ways and makes every aspect of my life better.

3. my mom. she's the greatest lady. if you met her, you'd know what i'm talking about. she is a very strong person and has shown this time and time again. i love her lots and am eternally grateful for everything she does for me.

4. my sister. what can i say... twins! we love each other and i can count on her for anything that i need. she's taken a lot of risks in the last few years and i'm very proud of her. :)

5. my friends.

they're just great people. i couldn't ask for better people to be surrounded by every day.

6. my cat. doesn't she look happy to be outside in the snow!? ;)

...what are you thankful for?