I am officially back home for the next few weeks. Yippee! I'm getting pretty excited for Christmas. Although this is my vacation I still have lots of things to do while I'm home. I have big plans for the house, my Schenker analysis, and violin stuff. Oh yes, and some things involving the viola parts for Don G.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my dad's death. It's really weird. Tomorrow my mom and I are going out to the cemetery to put a wreath on his grave. I'm not quite sure how I feel about everything, but I do know that I'm glad to be home.

Sangria; however, is not all that happy. It rained most of the drive back and she really disliked my windshield wipers. She wanted to get away from the wipers but also wanted to sit on my lap so she hid in my elbow for several hours. Pretty cute.

She has been in my room all day and doesn't like to come out for very long. BUT. She does have a new favorite place to sit and looks quite festive with her Santa water cup. :)

Safe travels to everyone!



I got to see this guy again. He's great...I can't express that enough.

has anyone seen michi lately? anyone...?

For a variety of reasons, I've been feeling a bit lost lately. At most times over the past few weeks I don't feel like myself. I think that I've figured out why I feel this way, but now I have to start the torturous process of "rebuilding." I've had to do this on occasion before and I recall it not being the easiest of tasks. If I remember correctly, lots of soul-searching, thinking, and practicing usually does the trick.

Through these unhappy Michi moments, I feel lucky to have a good support system.

Since my last post, I have done many things such as:

- deliver a pomegranate to my sister for St. Nick day (aka the day that Jenna and I were adopted day),

- trespass... I mean, take fun pictures in someone's fun lawn,

- watch Chri conduct a cool Honegger piece at the Wind Ensemble Concert,

- and (thanks to my friend, David) have a very thought-provoking violin lesson with Soovin Kim, a fantastic violinist and professor at Stony Brook.

AND! I won some photo prints from Asha Beyer, an amazing photographer, in her recent blog contest!!! I'm so excited to hang them up. There is a wall in my bedroom that is screaming for some beauty and attention. ...Now that I write about all of these good things, I am starting to think that I really don't have things to complain about.

Hope you all are well!