debt diet wk 1- getting organized

My debt diet is in full swing.  I did make a purchase earlier this week but said item will save me in the long run.  Details about the purchase to come after it arrives in the mail but I'm super excited!

One thing that I need to do is set aside some extra money for random necessities since I haven't budgeted for them at this point.  I had to fix my viola bow which cost $80.  Inexpensive for the work done but unplanned for nonetheless.

Eventually I'd like to do the 50/30/20 money rule where you use 50% of your income for necessities, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings.  I'd probably use my 30% want money for credit card payments since what I want most is for them to be gone.  I'm also trying the "snowball" payment method in which you pay off your lowest card first vs. paying your highest interest card first.  I love the idea of being completely done with one credit card instead of have multiple for a longer period of time.  Experiments!

I found my old receipt organizer that I've decided to use for bills paid and it will also house my check books which always seem to get lost.  I have my NY bank but I still have an account in WI and also an investment checking account so... yes, I have 3 checking accounts, and yes, I do need all 3.

I am going to keep all paid bills in the month slots and all pending bills will live in a TBD organizer on the office desk.  I need to make a Target/BBB/Container Store run to find the organizer I have in mind.

In other news my kitchen vanity is finally getting installed today and I will be able to post pictures soon!  I love love LOVE my apartment more and more every day.


haircut time?

My hair dresser is amazing.  And amazingly expensive.  When I ask her when I should come back she says "when your hair starts looking bad" which is great for my wallet (and debt diet) since I only go once or twice a year.  I saw my lovely sister the other day and she told me that I desperately need a haircut.  I'm trying to decide how much longer I can put it off since I'm not supposed to be spending right now.  I've also thought about the possibility of going to a different stylist, but I have trust issues so the likelihood of that happening is very low.


i need a pot

I have always wanted to poach an egg and haven't ever tried because various reality cooking shows make it seem so challenging.  I woke up and decided that today is the day for egg poaching!  One major issue... I did not realize that I don't own any pots.  I used a sauce pan which was my best option but this definitely made the process more difficult. I could not swirl the water around with enough speed because the sides of the pan are so shallow, the water did not completely cover the egg so it slightly cooked one part of the yoke, and the white didn't surround the yoke as much as I would have liked.   Despite my shortcomings, I was surprised how easy the process was!  Once I get a pot I might start poaching eggs every day.  Mookie loves eggs, too :)