treat yo' self!

I had some money left over from my budget after the end of last week. Yippeeee! I was super excited and was able to get a little gift for myself for being so good :)

Matt and I are going to Colorado Sunday morning for a few days.  I can't wait to get out of the city and hike, breathe the fresh air, and hang out with some super wonderful friends.


isabel marant willow sneakers

I need these shoes.  I WILL DIE IF I DON'T GET THESE SHOES!!!!  Ok... maybe a tad bit over dramatic, but I really do want these shoes and they are sold out everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!!!


anthro love and bf amazingness

Right now at Anthro we have so many ikat print/southwest inspired pattern everything and I am dying that I am on my debt diet and can't purchase anything!

I especially love, love, LOVE this bedding.  After work on Friday I carried the duvet around with me for a good 15 minutes and even got to the counter before feeling guilty about wanting to buy something.  I put it back even through 95% of my coworkers told me to get it.  I told myself that I'd ask Matt his opinion since it's something that we'd both be using.

He doesn't like it.  I know it.  He said "um...it's ok..." and then added, "if you like it then we can get it.  whatever you want."  I'm the luckiest girl.  And I was reminded that I shouldn't buy the expensive beautiful bedding that I so desperately want because I'm saving for my future which includes my life with Matt.



I feel like one of my best qualities is my spontaneity.  This has lead to such things as me getting my first tattoo, Matt and I getting back together, and discovering parts of the city that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten to see.

One of my not so appealing qualities is my indecisiveness. This, combined with spontaneity, can sometimes always cause a hurricane of internal struggle which can make for a very annoying me.

Yesterday I realized that I could go to the beach day cleanup my work was organizing after seeing that I did not in fact have to work.  (I am very, very bad with knowing my schedule)  I told my boss that I wanted to go and was super excited!  I then remembered that Matt and I were supposed to have a meeting with someone and I had no idea what time and if it was confirmed.  I then let her know that I didn't think I could go because of said reason.  At 10pm last night I decided that I should go because my scheduling conflict was still questionable and I wanted to go clean a beach!  At 6am, my indecisiveness reared its ugly head I opted out of going after all.  Far away + rain + the idea of snuggling with Matt in a warm bed for a few hours more won out.

The weatherman actually lied and it was a beautiful day out and I'm now wishing that I could've gone.  Rage.

All in all, I think that today's extra sleep and couch-laying-on was much needed to recover from my tiring week at work.  Note:  I am still in my pajamas and I don't plan on changing any time soon.  I turned my phone ringer off and have been ignoring the world to surf the internet and catch up on things that I've missed.  I love days off.



I've been freaking out about money the last couple of weeks. I reevaluated my finances and I'm on a very strict budget from now on. Debt diet. If anyone sees me buying anything besides food, I give you full permission to smack me.

On a happier note, things in my all over life are really great. I've been thinking about taking violin lessons for awhile and I finally took a leap. I started taking violin lessons this week and am super pumped to improve my playing and learn some new pieces.

Matt is the most wonderful, supportive person in my life and I feel so lucky every day.

Work at Anthro is incredible! I'm officially at Rock Center for good now and am really focusing on learning as much as possible and being really solid in my dept role. We had an event today for earth day and it was super fun! There was a touch tank (I learned that sea urchins are spiky and sea cucumbers are squishy) , tons of ocean inspired treats, and a crafting station to make sea urchins and crochet coral reef. I'm so glad that I work for such an inspirational company and am surrounded by such inspiring and creative people every day! Sangria loved the sea urchin I made as well :)