2012 book goal thoughts

At the beginning of this year I decided that I did not read enough last year.  I have a tendency to get stuck if I don't like what I'm reading, aka I hated "Confederacy of Dunces" so I read about 1 chapter every 2 weeks.  It was torture!  Ignatius Reilly I hate you.

In reaction to this stuckness, I decided to give myself a goal of reading 15 books in 2012 which seemed completely attainable.   The many lovely suggestions from friends paired with my current hour+ commute to Rock Center gave me high hopes of finishing within my given time frame.

Earlier this week I finished my 15th book, and I still have 4 months left to go!!!  Goal #1, check.

MK's Reading List 2012

1. Wind Up Bird Chronicles- H. Murakami
2. Little women- L.M. Alcott 
3. Norwegian wood- H. Murakami
4. After the Quake- H. Murakami
5. After Dark- H. Murakami
6. A Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao- J. Diaz
7.  The Broom of the System- D.F. Wallace
8.  Identical Strangers- E. Schein & P. Bernstein
9. The Art of Eating In- C. Erway
10.  Blindness- J. Saramago
11.  A Wild Sheep Chase- H. Murakami
12.  Room- E. Donoghue
13.  Wild- C. Strayed 
14.  1Q84- H. Murakami
15.  Lolita- V. Nabokov

If you noticed, I decided that I love Murakami.  His surrealist world and well-developed characters makes for a very compelling tale.  Go read "Wind Up Bird Chronicles" right now!

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