goodbye 2012

In preparation for launching full speed into the new year I'm making, Tom, the turkey.  My first turkey. I don't like animal carcasses.  They make me feel bad and remind me why I was a vegetarian for so long.  BUT!  One of my resolutions- facing and hopefully conquering my fears- includes Tom.  Yes, bigger cooking projects scare me a bit so here we go!

I have, as usual, made approximately 50 New Year's resolutions and plan on keeping all of them.  I should probably add "set more realistic, attainable" goals to the list, but what's the fun in that?

This year, like all years had its high and low points.  Events have without question made me a stronger person and I'm feeling very grateful.  I always believe that everything happens how it supposed to (not in a predetermined way- more like a choose your own adventure, karmic way) and that has never steered me wrong.

2013 will be filled with lots of hard work, more calculated decisions (one of my resolutions), spontaneous adventures with friends, music making, patience, and love.

I'm starting the new year off right with a possible viola purchase and a visit to WI with Jenna to visit my mom.

Happy new year, everyone!


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