beauty salon magic.

thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, i just went and got a haircut and pedicure. as i was sitting in the pedicure chair, relaxing and looking around, i decided that beauty salons are the most magical places. no one is mad or crabby at a salon. it's just not why women (and men) go there. one goes to a salon to un-crabby themselves. i am rarely willing to spend money on things like pedicures because rational thoughts such as, "$30 would also pay for my hydro and part of the internet for the month," start entering my brain. but, as i sat in the chair getting a back massage and observing all of the women giggling and gossiping with eachother, i remembered one of my life mantras that i seemed to have forgotten recently:

do what makes you happy.

...and besides... everyone deserves a treat once in awhile.

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Anonymous said...

I've come to realize the same thing.

You look gorgeous in that photo!