i'm having one of those days where there are many things "wrong," but i've decided to hone in on the positive things in my life. there are lots. and thinking about them keeps me content and thankful. i hope that everyone does this when they get crabby because it really works wonders when your mind wanders into dark places.

and listening to this always makes me happy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN7oFdFqtB4

tomorrow i have to get another gland surgery, but this one is going to be worse because i actually have to have my whole sublingual gland removed. strangely enough, this is the last thing that i can do and there's a chance that it, also, may not work. i don't really understand how it wouldn't because if you take out the whole problem, how would it return...?

i'm starting to wonder about my life after next year. it's time that i have to think about it. i put it off all last semester because i really hate to plan so far ahead. i have a few options, but i don't even know how to start approaching them. but i am thinking about them, which is more than i was doing a few days ago. and what with my mouth situation, i'll have lots of time to do research and not practice.

ps. have i mentioned that i love antonia? she's the best violin ever. ever.

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