best. birthday. ever. ever.

this was the first year that my twin sister and i weren't together for our birthday. when i realized this, i got really really sad. so... i made a jenna on a stick.

my mom and i (and jenna) went to breakfast at a cute cafe, the gingerbread house. the food was really good--- heavy and very filling.

matt got to my house in the afternoon so we spent some much needed time sitting around together.

and then... off to lake park bistro, a really nice, beautiful restaurant in milwaukee that my sister used to work at. we walked in and the hostess looked at me and said, "you must be jenna's sister." funny. :)

since everyone loves jenna at the bistro, matt and i got v.i.p. treatment, sat at the table with the best view of the lake, and took home lots of desserts. and of course, jenna on a stick came along to dinner, too! and the surprise ending was that jenna took care of our meal. :)

and then... home for more dessert (birthday funfetti cake) with my mom... lots of food... too much food...

matt stayed over and we had breakfast with my mom before i drove back to canada. :)

this birthday was really great, jam-packed with everything that i wanted to do.

i'm 25. ...this year is going to be wonderful.


Cassiemarie said...

happy b-day michi - I hope it was wonderful. :)

jennybabble said...

Mi, that does sound like the best birthday ever!!! I'm glad you had a good one!