next next year.

i have been thinking a lot about what i want to do with my life after i get done with my masters and i've decided some things:

1. i want to do more school. so, this january time, i'm going to do more auditions for programs like artist certificates and performance diplomas.

2. i also am going to do auditions for jobs in case i don't get into any programs.

3. i am going to try to take as many lessons as i can this coming fall.

now that i've made a decision, time to get to work.

in other news, i just called to set up the internet at my new home in canada. i am really ready to be back at school in the middle of everything. i'm excited because i scheduled my lessons for the whole semester and it looks as though i'll have 4-day weekends every week so i can have more time to do what i want. :)


Cassiemarie said...

i hope you get to do everything on that list. :)
i know how it is both hard and exciting to be in flux for so long! :)

jennybabble said...

Yaaay school! I get 5 day weekends... From school, anyways!