doing well :)

for all those interested in my recent surgery, i'm doing quite well. i still have all feeling in my tongue and i haven't needed to take any of my pain pills. yay! the only bad part is that i can't really move my tongue too much because it's too swollen and if i do, i think i'll tear my stitches... gross. so, only liquid foods for me. it's fine, but i've been feeling fairly weak from lack of solid food.

for all my ontario friends, i've decided to stay in wisconsin for my birthday (aug 30) so that i can spend it with my mom and my boyfriend. i'll be back on september 1st! i'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with school. i really want to practice but my face is hurting a bit too much and i'm trying not to push it.

anyone up for having a back to school get together? :)


Cassiemarie said...

I'm glad you are doing good, i hope everything keeps going well!

jennybabble said...

I'm up for a get-together when you get back! I think we're going to throw a "welcome-back" BBQ in September. I can't wait to see you!!