reality bites.

i've been away from reality for the last bit of time because matt came up to ontario to visit me! we got to see eachother for 8 days!!!!! this was the first time that we've gotten to spend extensive, intense, quality time together... ever. i was honestly a bit nervous about it, but having him around was so amazing. i was extremely sad that he had to leave. he brought me a photo compilation poster of target pictures he'd taken for me during his road trip! :)

we did lots of fun things like make food,

practice lots,

take sangria for a walk to the park,

have my belated birthday party,

organize my new room and put things away,

go to wonder sushi for lunch,

hang out with friends,

and, most importantly, spend some much needed time together.

*sigh* back to reality... i.e. skype calls that cut out all the time, sleeping in my big bed by myself, and having to stand on a chair to retrieve things on the top of the kitchen cabinets...

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