full moon.

the last few days have been so so so so so strange...

1. went to toronto to get some furniture and things for my apartment. we are all ready to leave and as i'm backing up the suv to load it, i notice that the driver's side back tire is almost flat. so, chri and i drove to the closest gas station to fill it. we try my tire gauge... and, broken. the tire gauge on the air pump... and, also broken. the nicest guy in the greater toronto area lets us use his tire gauge and then preceeds to check and fill the remaining tires.

2. we load up the car and tie the mattress on top of the suv. the moment we get on the 401, the mattress is flying pretty high so we get off the interstate, go into a gas station, and ask the attendant if they sell bungee cords. "...what's a bungee?"

next gas station. bungees? yes. we secured the mattress and drove home very very very slowly.

3. we unload everything and start assembling things. i decide to order pizza. "delivery in 45 minutes." great!

45 minutes later...1 hour later...1 hour and 15 minutes later...AND...calling.

"we came to your house and noone was there." "oh... can you come back?"

i later realize when the pizza delivery van drives PAST my house and parks at the end of the block that he never even came to my house in the first place. i pay and go inside and complain that he went to the wrong house.

AND--- knock knock knock!!

girl who was in her car outside, "just so you know, after that delivery guy left, he stood in front of your house and just stared in your front window. he stopped because he remembered that me and my boyfriend were sitting in our car."


4. jenny and carmen are putting up our front curtains to ward off any pizza delivery peepers and all of the sudden:

jenny: "did that guy just hit our car? is he driving away?"

so we all run outside. yes. he did hit the car. yes. he does want to flee the scene. "i'm in hurry but don't call the cops. i'll do the work myself. just don't call the cops. i have to go."

chris: "you can't leave. we need to get your information."

...and he leaves.

cops were called. he's going to get in trouble.

5. jenny violin day the next day means another trip to toronto. almost halfway there...

jenny: "the battery light just turned on."

we get off the interstate and go to canadian tire. alternator issue. 1 hour later, fixed and we're on our way. only an hour and a bit off schedule. the upside is that the ca tire we went to was by a mall so jenny and i got to shop for a bit.

6. we decide to get a coffee and sandwich from tim hortons. the lady takes my order...

me: "i'd like an medium iced latte."

stupid lady: "oh... i don't know how to make that. ok..."

she preceeds to try making the iced latte and asks several people how to do it. i'm watching her and turn my head away for just a moment. i look back and see her DRINKING OUT OF MY CUP TO TASTE IT!

she comes back.

me: "i just saw you drink out of my cup. i'd like a new one."

stupid lady: "i didn't do that. you're wrong."

other lady comes over: "what's going on?"

me: "this lady drank out of my cup to taste it."

other lady: "no. i know her and she wouldn't do that. you don't know what you're talking about."


i complained to the manager and will be calling corporate tomorrow...


7. drive back to london after the 2nd furniture trip. construction on the 401. we sat in gridlock traffic for an amazingly long time. in an hour and half we moved about 1 kilometer. no. good.

8. i've been battling with the insurance people at school for the last month or so. they want me to pay for summer insurance now, but they wouldn't give me insurance over summer. ridiculous. after talking to wendi perez (insurance lady), and matt, i decided to pay the $252 and deal with it. i was pissed because i paid the fee and assumed that the hold on my record would be taken away. NO! there's a $44 fee to remove the hold. i don't know why i was so surprised...

9. i accidentally overdrew my US checking account because i haven't used it in over a year and didn't remember how much was in it. so i got an overdraft fee. i had enough money put into it to cover the negative balance AND THEN i got charged a fee for having a negative balance which made it, once again, negative...

the. end.

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genak13 said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I gasped out loud in my coffee shop at the part where the lady tasted your latte. Those are all really strange occurrences.

Make sure that you have really good locks on your doors little turtle.