Michibook MIA


I just recently got my syllabus from my future violin professor. I immediately started feeling stressed out because grad school is really going to be more work than I've ever ever ever had to do before. EVER.

" I require a written assignment on each of the pieces/composers you are studying at the moment. I will require you to have done the work BEFORE bringing the piece into the lesson..."

I've already been scheduled in a recital in October, and I have all of my auditions for the orchestra and chamber ensembles in less than 1 month...


I am officially leaving Oshkosh on August 31st. I have a giant list of things to do. GIANT

In addition to all of this, I am giving a Michigoingaway recital on August 15th in the choir room of UWO at 5pm. You could come if you'd like. There won't be any food. sorry.

Also, I washed my hair. Melissa said that I should tell everyone how I FAILED, and that I'm a FAILURE. So, there. It's now said. I didn't like how my hair was going, so I got some organic shampoo and now it smells like coconutty goodness.

Currently, I am IMpatiently waiting for my new laptop to come. It got put on a fedex truck at 800 this morning. After receiving my syllabus, I started to freak out about papers and ordered my new macbook, to be named, Michibook. Every time I hear something that sounds like a truck, I run to look out the window. Unfortunately, there are people doing construction across the street and I keep getting confused by the sounds. I WANT MY COMPUTER!!!!!

good day.

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Jenna said...

you're a freak

--- sister ---