blue butterflies are pretty

Update: I am now up to 3 weeks on the no-poo experiment. My hair is doing pretty amazing. It's almost back to being completely normal, but still, DON'T TOUCH IT!

Week 2 was pretty gross. It was fine up until the middle of the 2nd week when I left Oshkosh to spend a week at the Clearing. The Clearing, the most gorgeous door county folk school, provides camps for a bunch of subjects like music, poetry, quilting, etc. It's one of the most peaceful, beautiful places I've been to, and I look forward to going back every time. However, the water is extremely soft, so my hair started to get pretty gross right when I got there. In the last several days the grossness has started to dissipate, and my hair is returning to normal. Woohoo for no-poo!

This is the 3rd year I've been to the Clearing for the chamber music program, run by my teacher Klara. This year was definitely my favorite. I got to play viola for the whole week, which was incredible. So much that it makes me wonder whether I should switch over to viola instead of violin, but that's a whole other story...

I miss nature and sitting by water. I realize that Oshkosh has some nature and some water, but it's just not the same. I like trees and hills and water that doesn't have some sort of smelly fish disease! As I was leaving Ellison Bay I was really sad to go, and also to say goodbye to some of the nicest, cutest people in the entire world. Some of the people who go to the Clearing have been participating in the chamber music week for the past 20 years.

It's some sort of tradition to make a rock tower/sculpture down at the beach. This was my addition.

Lastly, I bought a new butterfly ring. :) Love at first sight...

Good day to all!

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Stephanie Selvick said...

Stunning ring! I have a necklace to match, which (since i live there) is coincidently also from Door County. rock on