sangria hates me.

i am in mukwonago. i leave for ontario on sunday. i'm not ready to go.

andy told me that when you move, you're never really ready to go. i hope that that's the truth instead of something else being wrong, like, moving to ontario is the worst decision i've ever made. (not to be too dramatic)

i miss my house. and my friends. and my andy. and... have i mentioned that i'm getting quite nervous? i need to practice. i need to figure out how to use the bus. i need to figure out how to get my bus pass so that i can use the bus. i need to find a grocery store. and a bank. have i also mentioned that my ta position pays me at the end of each month? so, i'll be without money until the end of september. not nervous at all.

what i really need to do is get out of my comfort zone, put on my tough outer shell, and embrace change. ready, set, go!

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Stephanie Selvick said...

Darling. You will be so completely fine. You will find a grocery store and a bus and a bus pass and in four weeks you'll get your first pay check and you be at home, again.