apt 35 additions

Lately it's been my mission to make our home more comfortable. I haven't had time to do any of my big projects like painting the other rooms, but I have checked a few things off my list:

I begged Matt and Sean to let me get a new kitchen table and throw away the circular one that jut out into our family room. Matt and I picked this one and it fits perfectly! Sean no longer has a chair blocking his doorway.

This seems like a really small detail, but I bought a new shower curtain. You can see in the picture that our bathroom is very tiny. Tinier than tiny! Matt has to turn sideways if he wants to use the sink. We had a dark plastic shower curtain which I absolutely hated. The white has really brightened up the room, especially in the mornings.

***my next bathroom update is to change the toilet seat. Why is it black???

And... Matt got a waffle maker!!! It came this afternoon and I used it the second I got home from work. Yippee! More kitchen appliances make a happy Michi and well-fed roommates.

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