making music in NYC

With the holidays finally over (I realize that the holidays have long been over, but in retail-land, the stress has just subsided), I decided to devote more of my time to music. I got in contact with a few community orchestras and asked if I could audition to be in their ensemble (even though they are almost done with their concert season). One got back to me right away and said that I can play with them for their last concert! Yippee! I'm excited because I haven't gotten to play the full Brahms Requiem before. I went to the first rehearsal tonight and I had a lot of fun. The group was just sight-reading (mind you, an extremely challenging work) so there were some definitely less than shining moments, but I really liked the conductor.

If you'd like to make a trip out to NYC to visit me, come in June and listen to the BCCO play the Brahms Requiem!

and here's some Sangria cuteness!

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