2011 Lent (of shame)

Sean and I decided that we should participate in Lent this year. I've never given up anything for Lent and didn't even know any details about this yearly event. According to Wikipedia, "Lent, in the Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter." Apparently, there are free-pass days: "The six Sundays in this period are not counted because each one represents a 'mini-Easter,' a celebration of Jesus' victory over sin and death." Because we'e only human, we added an Apt 35 rule: We can use the non-participatory Sundays on different days if needed. (i.e. I was out of town this past Friday and Saturday and couldn't do my goal so I've used two of my Sundays)

Because Sean and I decided to participate, we thought it only fitting to (nicely) drag Matt along with us. Roommate bonding time! We decided that we should post our results everyday on our fridge to hold each other accountable and shame ourselves into following through.

Michi: Practice every day for at least 1 hour
Sean: Lose at least 12 pounds (go to the gym every day)
Matt: No eating after midnight

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