snow and coconuts

We had a massive snow storm in NY the other day. It was bad. At times I felt like I was back in Wisconsin with hail-snow hitting me in the face. The snow here isn't usually the bad part, it's the aftermath. From everyone walking and the temperature not actually being that cold, the snow starts to melt and turn into a brown, slushy mess. Disgusting. Rain boots are necessary. Although, the fresh white of the snow always does look lovely. This is the tree outside of my apartment building.

The other day was Rick's 25th bday and we went out for an amazing dinner at Rye in Williamsburg. The best part was that I finally got to experience Rick and Andrew's famous coconut cake. So! Good! I didn't realize how a coconut "works." Very strange. I'm intrigued and am now contemplating getting a drill to make some macaroons.

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