one reason technology is bad.

The other day I dropped Matt off at the airport and didn't bring my phone with me. Do I know how to find a gas station and then get home? ...no.

I did alright getting gas because I found it on Matt's phone before he left. I thought I knew how to get home but failed miserably. Instead of staying in Brooklyn I accidentally drove over the RFK bridge into Manhattan. This bridge has a toll. Do I have any money with me? ...no.

I approached the toll booth and told the worker, "I have no money. And I'm lost." Luckily, my car still has WI license plates which just helps my case. He directed me to the Williamsburg bridge and from there I (semi-)successfully navigated my way home.

I am a complete idiot without my phone. I have no idea where anything is or how to get there without Google maps. I don't even have a mental map to refer to. Even when someone tells me to go a certain direction and I am sure of myself, I still double check my phone, partly to be extra sure and partly because in NYC I just don't have time to walk an extra block.

New thought: Learn the area that I live around.

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