i heart brooklynyc

Although I moved awhile ago, we finally have internet set up! I can't imagine being without internet for a prolonged period of time. 3 weeks was torture. Our apartment is quite lovely, small but cozy and comfortable. Pictures will come soon.

Brooklyn is the best because most buildings have accessible rooftops. It's nice to have a place to go at night, look at the city lights, and think. On September 11th, there were lights shooting up into the sky where the twin towers used to be. The view was incredible and quite thought provoking. I can't imagine what being in NYC in 2001 must have been like. Absolutely devastating.

On a happier note, I love living here. I've decided. It's official. I love my job. I love the people that I know. I love the ability to do anything and go anywhere at any moment. I love it all.

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