Earlier this week I had an interview to move on from POS supervisor to manager in training. The interview went really well and I was told that I got the job but I'd have to wait to see what store I'd be transferring to. Today, my boss told me that I'm actually going to be skipping MIT and going straight to assistant manager. Yay!!! That means way more money than I'm getting now and fun things like paid time off, personal days, etc. I start that title officially this coming week and begin doing training for it at my store. I don't know exactly which store I'm going to be moved to but I'm really sad about leaving the people I work with. I really look forward to going to work because I love seeing everyone every day. Rick ensures me that I'll still see and talk with people so I'll just have to make sure it happens on my days off.



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jennybabble said...

Oh YAY!!! That is fantastic news! You will be amazing, of course. Your wardrobe must be looking pretty stylish these days...