bring it on 2010!

2009. There are so many adjectives to describe this last year that go from complete sadness to full elation.

2010. This year, I am making the transition from student to a person living in the "real world." I've been a university student for the past eight years and I'm ready to do something different with my life. I am so pumped. Maybe a bit too pumped because I still have lots to do before my student life is over. I already have some future plans in the works, but I'll share those details as they become more real. ...I can dream until then.

I've also made some new years resolutions. I love new years resolutions even though many people hate them or think they're silly. I think they give people something to aspire to even if those goals aren't realized or don't last very long. If anything, they help people think about what they want for themselves and that thought process, realization, and desire to become better in whatever way is always worth something.

One of my resolutions (yes, one of many) is to stop thinking hypothetically. I never used to think hypothetically and I in fact hated hypothetical situations because I thought, "Why waste time and think about something with no possible answer?" For whatever reason, these awful thoughts started creeping into my mind (gremlins) and stirred up lots of trouble for me and sometimes others.

Anyone want to share their resolution?

Wrapping up 2009:

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Jeannie said...

Cute pictures! Your resolution is great! Never heard that one before :) My resolution is to make time for the important stuff.