where to live, where to live...

my latest goal has been to find a place to live for next year. i've become quite obsessed with looking at kijiji.ca. the other day, literally, two hours flew by and i don't know how i actually sat there for so long, looking at ads. i have put my good friend chri up to the task of being my eyes and ears for my apartment hunt. hopefully he'll look at the place and say it's absolutely perfect. (fingers crossed) the guy i talked to on the phone said that it's mine if i want it. wooooo... the -hoo is put on hold until i get it. i know that the outside looks a wee bit sad, but it's lovely, really.

AND... i also just found another place that is a good possibility. i'd like to go back to canada now.

rocky ridge. 3 days. not. ready. at. all. BUT! i have a renewed interest in practicing which is always good. i was definitely in a summer slump for a bit. i recently re-read this paper about practice thoughts and my focus has been restored.

lastly, my cat, sangria is adorable. there's just no getting around it. i never give her human food ever. firstly, i don't think she should have it, and secondly, she usually doesn't want it if i give it to her. however, she apparently likes butter pecan icecream.

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