mouth surgery, chicago, chicago- hooray!

there have been lots of things going on lately...

1. i had surgery to remove a gland under my tongue that has been inflamed. really, really, really painful. BUT, i'm tough. the only thing is that they can't stitch it shut so it's just a big gross hole in my mouth. one funny thing was that i thought i was going to die this morning because i was in so much pain and i actually thought something was out-of-the-ordinary wrong, so i went in my mom's room and told her that i was dying. she told me to take a pain pill and go back to sleep... ok.

2. i have my new violin (antonia) of course, but yesterday i went to chicago and traded in my old bow for a new one, too! :) i don't name bows. i don't know why, but i just don't. my beautiful friend zack went with me and got to stay at my house for a couple of days which was tons of fun. it's always fun to go to bein & fushi (where i got my bow) because they let me play the fancy, $4million instruments... which pretty much play themselves.

3. i also went to chicago just a few days before that to go see the harry potter exhibit with my friend steve and his lovely sister. it was so good!!!!! i tried to take pictures, but, alas, was scolded, so i have nothing to show from my visit. and then after that i went to see star trek. amazing! i highly recommend.

4. i leave for camp soon. june 30th. eek. i should go practice now.

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