summer resolution

i just got home from the cabin and a fun-filled trip to minneapolis to visit some of my favorite people on earth! i love the cabin. and i love minnesota. i love minnesota so much that i'm contemplating moving there after grad school. the thought of being in the cities and hanging out with people i love and going to concerts and living in the states is quite appealing.

amunkey with a monkey :)

me and kyle at the zoo in mn. really excited!

i've decided to make a school-break resolution and try to do as much this summer as i can. i had so much fun in minneapolis and i realized that i don't do very much when i'm just at home in wisconsin or when i'm at school, either. but i should. my mom and i are going to go back up to the cabin for the middle of june. i love it there. it's so nice and peaceful. it gives me lots of practicing time. when we go back up i'm going to see if there are some interesting things in rhinelander (to be determined). and then off to a summer program in july. hope everyone's summer is treating them well! :)


Griswold said...

This is so fun!

Cassiemarie said...

You and miss abby should come visit me here in IL. :) We could go into the city and be bums!!

Anonymous said...

Michi is cool! that is all!!