new (temporary) location

i moved out of my townhouse the other day and am staying with my lovely friend catherine for the rest of my time in london, ontario. i am here for longer than planned because i'm playing in a musical, into the woods. my part is a bit boring, but it's so much fun! when i was asked originally i didn't want to play in it, but i really miss doing things like musicals. it's a nice change from symphonies and only classical works.

i love summer. today i was thinking about how much i have loved school forever, and i don't know why. the parts of school that i love are performances and lessons. i don't want to take any more classes that don't have to do with playing my instrument. right now i'm spending my days doing what i want. it's so great, and i realize that if i wasn't in school anymore, my life would be like this (except that i'd have to get a job). maybe after i finish this degree, i'll take a break from school.

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Cassiemarie said...

I love into the woods! I designed the set for our high school version and Nate was in it. :)
I hear you about school, I will be so glad to be done next year!