long time, no post.

lately, i find myself having to make all sorts of decisions. i don't really know how to decide what to do. i stand at the juncture and just stare. and wait... for what, i have no idea. a sign. or someone wise to tell me what to do.

example #1:

i got into the banff masterclass program. yay!!! & boooo!!! my professor doesn't want me to go. she wants me to go to her summer program. not a bad option either. there has been much debate and drama over this whole "issue." i will spend part of tomorrow making a pro/con list.

example #2:

i was asked to play viola in a musical, "into the woods." it's not a ton of money, but it's an extra paycheck than i would otherwise not have, and it sounds like fun. if i do this, i'll have to stay in london for an extra 2 weeks, which means that i'd have to move out of my apartment to a different place, which is a pain in itself. and i will miss one concert at home that i really wanted to see. thoughts, anyone?

on a happier note, jenny, chri, and i dyed easter eggs today. lots of fun! i can't remember the last time i did anything easter related except eat a big meal.

hope everyone had a good easter!

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