decision list

1. i am going to go to rocky ridge this summer. although pretty much everyone has told me to go to banff, i've decided that the best thing for me, and my playing, is located in colorado for the month of july.

2. i hate violin right now because i hate MY violin. i am going to do everything i can to get a new one by july.

3. i realized that one reason why i've been hating my instrument is because i've been playing too much viola. i love viola, bu it's affecting my intonation too much. next year, no viola in chamber orchestra or chamber ensembles. only orchestra. i am not budging on this decision.

4. bread and dairy make me sick. i am going to try to refrain from ingesting either of these things.

good day :)

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Cassiemarie said...

a) http://glutenfreemommy.com/
My doctors used to think I had a gluten intolerance, turns out i am just allergic to Hops... Anyways this site is awesome for recipes that don't contain wheat.
b) I love your blog!! I didn't know you had one, now I do! :)