end of year resolutions

Today is Thanksgiving and I am once again saying thanks for a healthy and overall happy year.  I have gone through a lot this year starting at a new store, moving to the Bronx with Dan, getting a new puppy, and turning 30.  I also had a bout with diverticulitis which was no fun at all but I've moved past that now.

Around this time every year I get anxious about starting the new year and begin giving myself "new years resolutions" which are actually just random decisions.  A part of me thinks that if I turn them into resolutions it might legitimize them more, thus giving them a chance to survive.

I've landed on 2 end-of-year resolutions:

1.  Keep my apartment clean and company ready at ALL TIMES.

This is much easier said than done but I am finding inspiration from the blog, reading my tea leaves.  Erin Boyle lives in a 250 square foot apartment and has hundreds of tips up her sleeve to keep her apartment clean and clutter free.

2.  Less is more.

I've been reevaluating my belongings and what's really important.  For Christmas I told Dan that what I really want is to get my jacket zipper fixed so I can use it again rather than getting a new one.  Dan gave me a fleece zipup last year for Xmas and Mookie ate the middle of the zipper towards the end of winter so I haven't been able to use it. While Dan thinks this is the worst gift request ever, it's what I want!

he looks peaceful but he's really just pretending to sleep so he can eat my things when i turn my back

I am going to slowly start purging my life of unnecessary things which I only kinda-like.  The other day I brought about 12 bottles of nailpolish to work and all of the girls took them home.  Sharing!  Now I am left with only bottles that I love.  It's a small start, but it's a step in the right direction.


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