Productivity, go!

Yesterday I did so many lovely things:

1. Had breakfast with my sister
2. Had a road rage stand off with a Jewish man - I realize that this is not technically a "good" thing but it was very cathartic
3. Convinced my landlord to not increase our rent for next year
4. Called about getting a hostessing job - Fingers crossed that it works out!
5. Went to a yoga class
6. Signed up for a yoga membership
7. Emailed a couple community orchestras about auditioning
8. Practiced for the first time in a good while

Hopefully my good, productive days will continue on. I slept in today which was lovely and am about to do some practicing.

When I eat breakfast, Sangria always stalks the butter.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... Butter.....

What's with this talk of new jobs??

Also, that is an awesome list of productivity.