long distance sucks

Matt and I work much better when we're together in person. After a few weeks of being apart, we decided that it was necessary to see each other. So, in a very spontaneous decision, Matt jumped on a plane and came to visit me.

Right now I'm performing in Don Giovanni and last week had an exorbitant rehearsal schedule. Matt flew into Buffalo and I picked him up there at 1230am. We got back into London around 345am. Yuck. We spent 2 gloriously peaceful days being together and then I drove him back to the Buffalo airport at 2am after about an hour of sleep. I got back into London at 830am. Note to self: Driving to Buffalo during these hours really sucks. Try to avoid this in the future.

I'm counting down the days until I get to see him again, as always. 12 more days and I'll be in NYC for "spring break."


CassieMarie said...

Did you know matt and i had a speech class together back in the day? :)
Also, I hope you guys have the chance to live nearby soon!

Michi. said...

I didn't so I asked Matt about it. He said that he definitely remembers you and Nate :)