has anyone seen michi lately? anyone...?

For a variety of reasons, I've been feeling a bit lost lately. At most times over the past few weeks I don't feel like myself. I think that I've figured out why I feel this way, but now I have to start the torturous process of "rebuilding." I've had to do this on occasion before and I recall it not being the easiest of tasks. If I remember correctly, lots of soul-searching, thinking, and practicing usually does the trick.

Through these unhappy Michi moments, I feel lucky to have a good support system.

Since my last post, I have done many things such as:

- deliver a pomegranate to my sister for St. Nick day (aka the day that Jenna and I were adopted day),

- trespass... I mean, take fun pictures in someone's fun lawn,

- watch Chri conduct a cool Honegger piece at the Wind Ensemble Concert,

- and (thanks to my friend, David) have a very thought-provoking violin lesson with Soovin Kim, a fantastic violinist and professor at Stony Brook.

AND! I won some photo prints from Asha Beyer, an amazing photographer, in her recent blog contest!!! I'm so excited to hang them up. There is a wall in my bedroom that is screaming for some beauty and attention. ...Now that I write about all of these good things, I am starting to think that I really don't have things to complain about.

Hope you all are well!

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