I love CO.

colorado is beautiful. i'm really glad that i am here for 5 weeks. this past monday i did my first hike here and it was absolutely gorgeous. a few of us went up to sky pond which meant that we had to do some difficult uphill hiking and also some rock climbing. we climbed up next to a waterfall and were exhausted by the time we got to the top... totally worth it. most beautiful place.

it's so strange, being out here. i never want to go home. i just want to practice and go hiking.

i have been taking viola lessons. i love the viola professor here. a lot. i've learned so much in just 2 lessons with him... possibly more important, fundamental things than i've learned from anyone else. i want him to teach me. violin. and viola.

last night i went to see the new harry potter movie at midnight. so. fantastic. i practiced while waiting at the theatre. i've realized that i can bring my violin and practice anywhere and noone really cares or bothers me. it's quite lovely.

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awalkingtune said...

Michi,...I miss you!! I am glad you are having a great time in Co, I hope that CO is in my future!

Keep on practicing!!