worst. blogger. ever.


I haven't done any of the things that I said I was going to do.

In fact, I may have moved slightly further away from my initial goals of working less, spending more time with loved ones, etc.

2014 is a rough year so far and I must say that it's kicking my ass.

Last year I thought I may have started getting allergies, but I wasn't sure.  This year has punched me right in the face with seasonal allergies and I've been name calling Mother Nature bad names every day for the past month.  Because I have absolutely no self control, I also basically gave myself an eye infection from itching and scratching my eyes every day causing extreme irritation.  I really thought that I had pink eye, which is yet to be fully ruled out in my opinion, but either way, I seem to be on the tail end of my eye issues.  I think that I have previously mentioned, but I'm pretty sure that I have one major, weird health issue every year (i.e. shingles, stress eczema, etc) so hopefully this was it.  I really don't think I can handle any more health issues this year.

For good things that have happened in the last 5 months:

I got a puppy!  Rick and Andrew actually got a puppy and it didn't work out for them so, I got a puppy!  His name is Mookie and I love him with every fiber in my body.  This was from the first day we got him so he's bigger now (5 months old).

Dan and I also moved to the Bronx!  I am really happy to have moved and am loving the apartment and my shorter commute.  We have tons of space, tons of conveniences around, and the animals love it!  I will post pictures once it's really cleaned up (we have no doors to the rooms yet...).

I got a promotion at work!  I am now the ops manager at CM 57th street and I have a love/hate relationship with it currently.  I still feel like I haven't gotten into a good groove yet and I am still getting to know people so even though it's been 3 months, I'm trying my best to have an open mind.

Due to my complete failure of my last goals, I'm making only one revised goal:  DEBT DIET

It's hard for me to do a complete debt diet because my job requires me to look nice and wear the current clothing and we get new clothes every month.  I can usually get away with not getting new things for a month or so but after that I am clearly not current at all.  Luckily, I work in the back so I can hide more than other managers.  

The goal of this debt diet is to reduce my credit card debt to oblivion.  I realize that if I did this until I paid my credit cards off I would probably not be able to buy anything until I'm in my 40's so I will give myself a realistic goal of 3 months.  Since it's already May 26th, I will just round to June and say that this will end August 31st, the day after my birthday.

Rules:  I can spend money on food (conservatively) and any necessities.  In addition, I can spend money on any gifts that I need to since I have a few friends' birthdays that fall within this 3 month time frame, including Dan's birthday.

I encourage anyone else to join me in my dieting!  We can commiserate together over some window shopping.