The last few weeks

Have flown by. I have no idea where August went but I'd like time to slow down a bit.

Since my last post, Sangria and I moved into Matt's apartment, but we just signed a lease for a new apt on September 1!!! We're moving to Brooklyn, just one block from the JMZ Marcy stop. Woohoo! I am so ready to leave Washington Heights. You have no idea how ready I am. I am also really excited for my favorite moving things to do... purging my life of things I don't want or need.

Alex, Matt's brother was in town last week before he flew to Taiwan. He'll be there for a whole year so it was good to see him for a few days. We did a lot of fun things like check out the Cloisters,

the King Tut exhibit,

and ate at a super tasty mexican restaurant, Mexicana Rosa, on the upper west side.

I also am really enjoying my new store and am feeling at home there. I like working slightly off of Broadway because it is away from all of the tourists. It is also surrounded by amazing shops and cafes. Very. Dangerous.